Date of Award


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Computer Science


Computer Science

Major Professor

Tu, Shengru

Second Advisor

Abdelguerfi, Mahdi

Third Advisor

Chiu, Ming-Hsing


In the modern geographic information systems, COTS software has been playing a major role. However, deploying heterogeneous GIS software has the tendency to form fragmented data sets and to cause inconsistency. To accomplish data consolidation, we must achieve interoperability between different GIS tools. In my thesis project, I developed Vector and Raster Data Adapters to implement the spatial data consolidation. I deployed ArcIMS to publish the spatial data and metadata onto Internet. Furthermore, the SOAP-Based GIS Web services are implemented to achieve the enterprise information system integration. The contribution of ours in this project is we have streamlined the COTS GIS server, the J2EE coordinator server, the web service provider components, and the COTS web publishing tools into a hybrid web service architecture, in which the enterprise information system integration, the web publishing, and the business-to business online services are uniformed.


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