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Civil and Environmental Engineering

Major Professor

Nataraj, Mysore S.; Barbe, Donald E.

Second Advisor

Mattei, Norma Jean


The IPET (Interagency Performance Evaluation Taskforce) Team's significant finding is if the levees had armoring, the HSDRRS would have an element of resiliency. IPET defines resiliency as "The ability to withstand, without catastrophic failure…beyond those intended or estimated in the design. …resilience refers to the ability to withstand higher than designed water levels and overtopping without breaching" (USACE, 2007). In the analysis of armoring products, two criterions usually govern. First, the ability for the armoring to resist overtopping velocity from storms greater than the 100 year authorized level. Second, does the product facilitate installation and maintenance post-Katrina? This thesis will help expand the knowledge base and hopefully the comfort level of armoring products so that we may widen our range of resources. Different products and their methods for installation and maintenance will be presented. The result of one full-scale field test performed by USACE Armoring Team is described.


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