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Lodhi, Mahtab A.

Second Advisor

Lowry Jr., James D.

Third Advisor

Renne, John L.


The role of urbanization in the history of civilization is a profound and intricate part of human geography. By utilizing socioeconomic data and then integrating it with more technological innovations, such as remote sensing, the spread of sprawl and the urban corridor can better be mapped and quantified by researchers. Many different types of socioeconomic data were implemented in addition to the remotely sensed data. In this paper, six Landsat 5 TM images were used to create land cover classification maps of the developed or built-up land in St. Tammany Parish from 1984 to 2008. It was found that, in addition to St. Tammany expanding in population, the urban areas are becoming denser using a method called the"remote method." This method is an advanced function of density that allows researchers to estimate consumption of the developed land.


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