Document Type

Master's Report

Degree Name

Master of Arts in Arts Administration




In the internship proposal submitted prior to the active internship, the area of emphasis was specified as being in the Marketing Department at the Saenger Performing Arts Center. The primary objective set forth for the intern was to act as advertising representative for Playbill -- the company under contract with the Saenger that produces and publishes the program for all of the subscription events -- and to devise a marketing strategy targeted at increasing and soliciting greater participation of businesses in program advertising. Additionally, the intern proposed to investigate the possibility of including other arts organizations in a unified effort to most profitably utilize the services of Playbill. Tasks that would accompany this effort would include public relations with advertising agencies, direct communication with representatives from Playbill, and continual interaction with the press agents of the production companies. A secondary objective of the initial internship proposal set forth the intern's involvement with the ongoing, in-house marketing effort. This was to have encompassed participation in the group sales campaign and the corporate sponsorship campaign.