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We report on the synthesis of highly uniform, single phase zinc ferrite films prepared through a single step low temperature reaction by the liquid phase deposition (LPD) method. X-ray diffraction, TGA and EDX
measurements support the assumption that the as-deposited films are constituted from a mixture of crystallized FeOOH and amorphous Zn(OH)2. Upon heat treatment in air at 600 uC for one hour the intermediates are subsequently converted into the corresponding zinc ferrites. The films with adjustable chemical compositions are identified as having a spinel-type crystal structure and present a spherical or rod-like microstructure, depending on the Zn content. The magnetic films present a superparamagnetic behavior above blocking temperatures which decrease with increasing Zn content, and are ferromagnetic at 5 K with coercivities ranging between 797.8 and 948.5 Oe.

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Journal of Materials Chemistry

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