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For a given pseudo-Brewster angle ϕpB of minimum reflectance ∣∣rp∣∣ of p-polarized light at a dielectric-conductor interface, the second-Brewster angle ϕ2B of minimum reflectance ratio |ρ|=∣∣rp∣∣/|rs| of the p and s polarizations is determined for all possible values of the complex relative dielectric function ϵ that lead to the same ϕpB . The difference ϕ2B−ϕpB is considered as a function of ϕpB and θ=arg(ϵ) . For any given ϕpB , the difference ϕ2B−ϕpB=0 atθ=0(ϵr>0,ϵi=0) increases monotonically as a function of θ and reaches maximum value {ϕ2B−ϕpB}max in the limit as θ→180° (ϵr<0,ϵi=0) . This maximum difference {ϕ2B−ϕpB}max has an upper limit of 15.701° whenϕpB=28.195° .

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Journal of the Optical Society of America A


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