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The complex Fresnel reflection coefficients rp and rs of p- and s-polarized light and their ratio ρ = rp/rs at the pseudo-Brewster angle (PBA) φpBof a dielectric-conductor interface are evaluated for all possible values of the complex relative dielectric function Ε = |Ε| exp(-jθ) = Εr - jΕi, Εi > 0 that share the same φpB. Complex-plane trajectories of rp, rs, and ρ at the PBA are presented at discrete values of φpB from 5° to 85° in equal steps of 5° as θ is increased from 0° to 180°. It is shown that for φpB > 70° (high-reflectance metals in the IR) rp at the PBA is essentially pure negative imaginary and the reflection phase shift δp = arg(rp) &asyum; -90°. In the domain of fractional optical constants (vacuum UV or light incidence from a high-refractive-index immersion medium) 0 < φpB < 45° and rp is pure real negative (δp = π) when θ = tan-1 (√cos(2φpB)), and thecorresponding locus of Ε in the complex plane is obtained. In the limit of Εi = 0, Εr < 0(interface between a dielectric and plasmonicmedium) thetotal reflection phase shifts δp, δs, Δ = δp - δs = arg(ρ) are also determined as functions of φpB.

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Journal of the Optical Society of America A: Optics and Image Science, and Vision


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