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Steven Rick


Carleo and Troyer [3] have recently pointed out the possibility of solving quantum many-body problems by using Artificial Neural Networks (ANN). Their work is based on minimizing a variational wave function to obtain the ground states for various spin-dependent systems. This work is primarily focused on developing efficient method using ANN to solve the ground state wave function for atomic systems. We have developed a theoretical groundwork to represent the wave function of a many-electron atom by using artificial neural network while still preserving its antisymmetric property. By using the Metropolis algorithm, Variational Monte Carlo (VMC), and Stochastic Reconfiguration (SR) methods for minimization, we were able to obtain a highly accurate ground state wave function for the He atom. To verify our optimization algorithm, we reproduced the results for the ground state of a three dimensional Simple Harmonic Oscillator (SHO) given by Teng [18].


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