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Honors Thesis-Restricted

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Computer Science

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Computer Science


Mahdi Abdelguerfi


Geographical Information Systems and geospatial data are seeing widespread use in various internet and mobile mapping applications. One of the areas where such technologies can be particularly valuable is aeronautical navigation. Pilots use paper charts for navigation, which, in contrast to modern mapping software, have some limitations. This project aims to develop an iOS application for phones and tablets that uses a GeoPackage database containing aeronautical geospatial data, which is rendered on a map to create an offline, feature-based mapping software to be used for navigation. Map features are selected from the database using R-Tree spatial indices. The attributes from each feature within the requested bounds are evaluated to determine the styling for that feature. Each feature, after applying the aforementioned styling, is drawn to an interactive map that supports basic zooming and panning functionalities. The application is written in Swift 3.0 and all features are drawn using iOS Core Graphics


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