Date of Award


Degree Type


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Degree Program

Environmental Engineering


Civil and Environmental Engineering

Major Professor

La Motta, Enrique

Second Advisor

McCorquodale, John A.

Third Advisor

Kura, Bhaskar


The activated sludge process is one of the most commonly employed domestic and industrial waste treatment process. Different types of mathematical models have been proposed for design and operation of this process, most of which do not consider the relationship between the sludge settling characteristics and the aeration unit performance. This project studies the validity of a model developed by La Motta (2004b) which links the operating parameters of an activated sludge system and the classical limiting flux sludge settling theory. Favorable results were obtained demonstrating that the model predicts very similar values of the parameters of the system in comparison with the parameters observed in an activated sludge pilot plant that is located within installations of the Marrero Wastewater Treatment Plant, New Orleans, Louisiana. This research also demonstrated that the model is a helpful tool for the design and operation of an activated sludge system.


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