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Urban and Regional Planning


College of Urban and Public Affairs

Major Professor

Fredrick Wagner

Second Advisor

Ralph Thayer

Third Advisor

Alma Young


The purpose of this thesis is to provide information concerning government planning to reduce unemployment with the U. S. The research presented here is directed toward the individual with some interest in manpower planning at the most localized level of government. As a part of the above objective, this work seeks to familiarize the individual with the history of government efforst in the area of employment, the CETA program, and a perspective of future local planning in the area of manpower services.

Chapter I of this thesis is an introduction which outlines the purposes, scope, and limitations of this study. Chapter II discusses the current problem of unemployment within the U.S. and the major issues concerning the role of government in dealing with the problem. Chapter III presents a brief history of U. S. employment and government legislation up through the reauthorization of the Comprehensive Employment and Training Act in 1978. Chapter IV delineates some of the major decisions which are within the purview of local manpower planners and the correlations between these decision and levels of program success or failure. Chapter V, the final chapter of the thesis, proposes a basic strategy for future manpower planning at the local level, based upon the research included in the first four chapters.


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