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Applied Physics



Major Professor

Stokes, Kevin

Second Advisor

Malkinski, Leszek

Third Advisor

Wiley, John


A magneto-optical study of CoxFe1-xFe2O4 nanoparticles is presented, with cobalt molar ratio 0.x.1. The ferrite nanoparticles were produced using a generic wet-chemical synthesis procedure. Stoichiometric amounts of Fe2+, Fe3+ and Co2+ salts are dissolved in a non-aqueous polar medium (diethylene glycol). A coprecipitation reaction with sodium hydroxide produces ferrite nanoparticles with average diameter of 6 nm. The nanoparticles can be stabilized by tetramethyl ammonium hydroxide in water, or, alternatively, the nanoparticles can be treated with a hydrophobic capping ligand with a carboxylic acid or amine head group and suspended in a non-polar organic solvent. As a complete structural analysis of this series of samples is quite difficult due to the similarities of the constituents, magneto-optical spectroscopy is performed to decode the structural orientations of each cation involved. Faraday rotation was measured on nanoparticle samples dried on an amorphous silica substrate from 400-1000 nm.


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